Previous Projects

    The Rainbow Art Club

The Rainbow Art Club was set up in 2006. The Rainbow Art Club was our after school art club for Primary age school children.The aim of the rainbow art club is simply to provide a safe space for children to learn and develop their social skills by giving them the ability to explore and experience a range of creative opportunities which builds their self esteem and confidence.

The Rainbow Art Club ran subject to funding. Latterly we had funding and staffing issues. We finally closed it in 2012, in consultation with other organisations that were working in the area. We were sad to close but also knew that other groups had established in that time that were able to fill the gaps.

It is still good to celebrate that we provided a place to develop the creativity of children

 Kids Prayer and Praise.

God loves the heart of a child. Children can connect on a deep level, with their Father in Heaven, through creative prayer and worship. For a time we ran workshops that would give space to children to freely express themselves to their Creator. These workshops included arts and crafts, musical instruments and singing. 

Kids Prayer and Praise